The Friends Who Do Too Much

Last weekend was very special.

I watched two of my best friends get married. The venue was beautiful, the food was excellent, and my date wasn’t bad either.

But what made the wedding truly special, was how very uniquely special these two friends are.

You see, Dante and Hannah are different.

They are selfless, loving, and, in the words of Remus Lupin, uncommonly kind. These are two people who drop what they are doing to be there for their friends. They go over the top to make sure that people feel important and cared for. They drive too far, give too generously, and love too abundantly.

They do too much.

You see, when posed with an opportunity, we examine it through a lens of what we consider to be “reasonable”. We determine whether or not the request is asking too much of us. We ask questions like, how much time will it take? Or, how much will it cost? We hesitate. We evaluate. And oftentimes, we do nothing.

I’m not sure whether or not Dante and Hannah ask themselves these kind of questions, but if they do, it doesn’t seem to take them long to determine that no request is too much. No distance is too far. No time is too long.

I am grateful to say that I have often been on the receiving end of such kindness. And not just me!

Another part of the wedding that was so special was being able to see how many others had been affected by the love of Dante and Hannah. These friends who do too much had left a permanent impact on the people around them.

In a culture that perpetuates self-care, setting boundaries, and putting on your own oxygen mask first, it’s refreshing to have friends like these, emulating Christ’s love so well.

I pray that one day, I can become one of those friends who do too much friends like Dante and Hannah Battles.

p.s. If you find yourself on an airplane, actually do put on your own oxygen mask first.

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